The Story Behind GeekOfChoice™.com

The Story Behind GeekOfChoice™.com



Who is this Geek of Choice™? It’s me, Todd Meyers, owner of Meyers Technologies, LLC. For my full-time job, I engineer custom software solutions on the Cerner EHR platform (CCL/DA2/Millennium) for healthcare systems nationwide (since late 2013), 100% remotely (since early 2018). For complete details please view my LinkedIn profile at and if you like send me an invitation to connect networks.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has sidetracked my full-time work, and so like many others I was lost. The spare time allows me to spend a lot more time on yard work (it needs some help). But as I tried to focus on other aspects of my life needing attention it occurred to me that I could act on some of the ideas presented to me by various “virtual mentors” whose videos and blogs I’ve found inspiring.

One project I’ve wanted to do for quite some time is create a website. What else would a data nerd do for fun? I’ve had the domain name forever, but I could never think of an effective use for it. Then earlier this week the answer came to me. Last week I was absorbing some content about an online educational resource focused on business and personal financial planning education. My wife Pam and I were considering purchasing it, but we wanted to do our due diligence first. Pam found some discussions on a third-party website. We were struck by how several of the commenters on the website were as intrigued about the offering as we were but couldn’t bring themselves to pull the trigger because the purchase price is a little high. Pam and I were struggling with the decision as well for the same reason, but finally this week we decided to make the investment.

It was at that point that I realized I finally found a good purpose for this website. I’m going to document how my “virtual mentors”, starting with our new business and financial planner, are helping me build a life of excellence. Anyone who wants to benefit from my time working through these resources is welcomed to do so. I’ll be solidifying my new-found knowledge, and I will have gained focus and direction in multiple areas of my life that have needed it. We can improve together!

The journey of a thousand “posts” begins with this one. Are you interested in following along? If so and you haven’t already signed up, refresh this page by clicking this link and when the popup form appears after a few seconds please submit your email address along with your first name and I’ll periodically send you updates. I won’t abuse the privilege or sell your information. I’m just looking forward to beginning a long-overdue inspection and tune-up of my life and sharing some useful tactics, strategies, and tools with a few virtual friends. Thanks! -Todd

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